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Whirlygig - This trick is pretty complicated.  To perform it, stall the pogo and lean in to your right.  Stick your right leg through the hole that is now made.  KEEP YOUR HANDS AS THEY USUALLY ARE.  Once your leg is through the space, put it in on the ground.  As you do this, lean the right peg down so IT is touching the ground.
Stay like this, with your left foot on the left peg, the right peg touching the ground, your right foot planted on the ground in front of the pogo, and your hands in their normal position. When you're ready (take your time..have some tea) do everything I just wrote, backwards. This is the hard part of the trick. Pull your right leg back, up and around as you pull up the pogo, making sure you don't hit your moving right leg in the process. I know this would be much easier to understand with more than just the first picture. I'm working on it.
If this is just making you want to throw your computer through a window, simply right click and click "save target as" on the link below the picture down there and you can just WATCH me doing the trick.


Whirlygig Video Clip

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