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On this page you will find reviews of the most common and the best pogo sticks out there. Before you get started though, you should learn what the Anatomy of a Pogo Stick is

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The Pogos:
The Flybar 800

The Motostik MX1


All right! Fresh from UTI Inc. we have the newest pogo stick!


Styled after Motocross bikes this pogo packs an INCREDIBLY smooth ride. The Motostik has an internal spring system which can be adjusted by turning a knob at the top of the pogo.


Pros: This pogo stick is silent. Yes, that's right. No more keeping the neighbors up. You can bounce on this baby all day and calmly listen to the birds sing. Even though bike-sized handlebars might look intimidating, the truth is that they make bouncing 10 times more comfortable. Your arms are situated in a natural place while you pogo, making life seem good. This pogo also gets decent height. I can clear 4 1/2 feet on it pretty easily. LOOKS spectacular. With five different colors to choose from and a sleek, mean look, the Motostik makes you look COOL when you pogo.




Cons: Well, remember that this is NOT a height pogo stick. If you're good at tweaking and tucking you can get some decent height, but don't buy the Motostik thinking you can get 7 feet in the air. And...the handlebars. Unfortunately they are good and bad. The handlebars are SO wide that (if you try some big tricks) you'll catch yourself on them. It will take time to teach yourself to perform everything WIDER and LONGER.


The Motostik is really a fantastic piece of work. It's practically indestructible, it's silent, it's smooth, and it's cool looking. After bouncing on one for awhile, I'm definitely recommending you purchase one. This pogo is top-notch.


Check Out To Learn More About The Motostik
Right click and click "Save Target As" on the link below to watch a video of of me (and some other Pogo Squad Members) on the Motostik
The Motostik comes in two sizes:
Small (40-100lbs) and Large (100-200lbs)       And Five Colors

            Image hosted by

Flybar 1200

Height of Stick: approx. 47in. - 58in.
Recommended Weight: 80-300 pounds
Height you need to be: 4 1/2 to 7 feet


This is an AWESOME pogo stick and guess what? It doesn't even have a spring. The Flybar 1200 works on 12 gigantic rubberbands. The feeling of bouncing on a Flybar is more comparable to a trampoline than to another pogo stick. You haven't lived until you've had a ride!
Pros: Unlike the GG stick (below) the Flybar packs an incredibly smooth ride and has NO high impact jumping. You can adjust the shaft length as well as the weight limit. This means practically ANYONE can use the stick. It's very comfortable and easy to handle. Also, you can reach heights of up to 7 feet off the ground! That means your head is somewhere around 13-14 feet in the air! What can I say? Enjoy the View
Cons: The biggest problem with the Flybar is that it's just too BIG. Even though the shaft condenses, if you try lugging this thing around for five minutes you'll be dead. Also, it seems to break quite often. The rubberbands iniside the shaft that control the weight get worn out quickly if you bounce on it a lot. Also, becuase the Flybar is made up of screws and bolts, they can come loose and will be a hassle to get back on. 
I highly recommend this pogo stick for EVERYONE. You have to try it. It will blow your mind. But as a permanent stick, I'm not so sure. True extreme pogoers still like the Gravity Games more because it's much lighter, skinnier, and an all around easier pogo to do techincal tricks on. The Flybar is the best for big air though. 
Check Out To Learn More About The Flybar 1200
Right click and click "Save Target As" on the link below to watch a video of of me on the Flybar

Vurtego Pogo
Review coming soon:
Check out

Gravity Games (GG)         

Height of stick:  aprox. 4 ft.

Recommended weight: aprox. 120-220 lbs.

Height you need to be: 4 feet and up


This is, closely followed by the Motostik (see above), the best pogo available to true pogoists right now.  I say "true pogoists" because, unless you are one, you will probably not like this pogo.


Pros:  If you are serious about pogo sticking, and somewhat tall...this is the stick for you.  It has a huge spring and bottoming out is very hard.  Due to can get massive air when you really push down.  It is very easy to balance this pogo during stalls and I find it much easier to work with than the Master pogo.  The foot pedals are very wide and so they too are easy to work with.  Nothing on the pogo bends up or folds in, like the Razor sticks, so you will never find yourself suddenly one peg less.


Cons:  If you are a kid, you will find this pogo is extremely hard to push down and takes extreme leg strength.  The pogo is also very tall you will find that (unless you are around 6 feet) many tricks will be hard, if not impossible, to pull.  Also, due to the fact that the frame on the pogo is so wide, it is hard to do no hands.  The final downside to this pogo is that it has a big "G" right where your knees are and, until you get used to it, your knees will get extremely bruised and battered.   


I highly, highly recommend this stick for the serious pogoist.


Foam Master

Height of stick: aprox. 3ft 4in.

Recommended weight: aprox.  60-160 pounds

Height you need to be: 4ft-5  ft.


This pogo comes in at a close second to GG and has many good qualities.


Pros:  Very nice for jumping long distances.  VERY good for no hands.  Easy to control, because you can bottom out easily.  Nice for spinning.  Very nice height for doing tricks like, Front Ground Touch and Back Ground Touch.  Nothing on the pogo bends up like the Razor sticks.  VERY nice for peg stalling because the bottom of the pegs are metal. 


Cons:  Very poor spring for somebody around five feet who uses it a lot.  Foam is not stable and many times comes undone and gets everywhere.  The rubber piece that keeps the shaft clean comes off easily...and if it does, your shaft will be ruined.  Pedals easily bend inward and pedal caps easily fall off.  Tip frequently comes out. 


This pogo is not as sturdy as GG, I can go through it in 2 weeks.  However, it is very easy to control and nice for a whole slew of tricks.  


I highly recommend this stick for the up-and-coming pogoist.
Razor Go-Go

Height of stick: 2ft.5in. - 3ft.6in.

Recommended weight: 60-120 pounds

Height you need to be: aprox. 3ft - 5ft.9in.

This pogo is pretty bad...but all right for someone who's light and doesn't want to do a lot of tricks.


Pros:  After months and months of Fin bouncing on this, it has not broken, or gotten hurt in any way shape or form.  This stick is extremely sturdy.  You can also bounce far on it.  Changes height.


Cons:  Pegs fold up and frequently will do so in mid bounce, leaving you pegless.  The height of the pogo stick can be changed...but is done so by a very annoying lever thing right in the middle of the stick.  Due to its placement, the lever will bang up your knees, like GG.  The frame on this pogo is a cylinder, and so its very hard to do no hands.  The pegs on this pogo are extremely small and so its hard to do pogo switches or any other trick where you have to quickly put your feet back on the pegs.


I recommend this pogo for someone who is just getting into pogoing...but once you get good, you better get a more professional pogo.
Razor Go-Go Jr.

Height of stick: 3ft.

Recommened weight: 40-100 lbs.

Height you need to be: 4ft-5ft

Frankly, this stick is a piece of junk, but if youre tiny, and you want a little joyride...I guess its all right.


Pros:  Very sturdy.  Never breaks.


Cons:  Very tiny, can only be used by a small % of the population.  Pegs come up, can't be used for peg stalls.  Small pegs, cant be used for many tricks.  Basically you cant do anything on it.


This stick is just for some tiny kid who dones't want to do anything but bounce straight up and down on it.  If you're that kid...go for it, otherwise GET A DIFFERENT POGO.


Foam Maverick
This pogo doesn't really need a whole bunch of stuff said about it. It's as simple as this. If you're REALLY tiny, like 3 feet, then you'll like it. Otherwise...NO WAY.


Rawlings Pogo Roo

Height of Stick:  3ft. 4in.

Recommended Weight:  50-120 pounds

Height you need to be: 4ft-6ft

This pogo is all right for a couple of tricks, but all in all its pretty bad.


Pros:  Pretty Sturdy.  Tip never comes out.  Smooth sides...very nice for Motorcycles.  Good for all stalls, because its easy to control. 


Cons:  Small Pegs make this a very hard pogo to do many tricks on.  Pegs are also not built for peg stalls.  Too easy to bottom out on.  Very hard to get any length in jumps.  Basically, very hard to do 90% of tricks on. 


I would recommend this pogo for a lighter person who is just getting into pogo sticking and doesn't want to do that many tricks.  When that person gets serious though...he/she better look into more professional pogo sticks.


Razor AirGo

All right, all right...this pogo stick is not THAT bad. However, out of all the pogo sticks here...I'm going to say that's it's one of the worst. If you really want to see a below.
If you want to check out some jumpers that use the Airgo all them below.
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