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No event is complete without a troupe of EXTREME POGOERS. Have you seen us at another event? Heard about us through a friend? If you reading this you must be thinking about adding us to your event. Here's all you need to know:

What kind of events do you do?
Well, we'll do pretty much anything. We've performed at everything from local festivals to state parades to national organizations. Basically, if you have an event, we'll most likely be up to performing at it.
What do you DO at an event?
Ah ha. Well, we can do a number of things. We can perform a show, choreographed synchronized...very cool. We can simply bounce with no specific routine and draw crowds. We can talk to kids (or adults!) about pogo sticks and Extreme Pogo and even let people try out the pogos. We can "travel" as we do in parades, down a specific route, drawing crowds.
What do you charge?
This all depends. If you are a non-profit organization then we will most likely do a show for free. This is not a problem. Sometimes we will ask for transportation costs if the event is far away. If you would like to hire us, we will discuss the specifics of your event and give you a price.
What about insurance?
Mmmmm. What we do is very dangerous...I won't lie. AND, we don't have an insurance plan for our group (at this point). However, we are more than willing to sign an documents that will cover YOU from possible trouble [if something should happen].
How many of your are there?
There are twelve of us all tolled. We usually come as a whole to an event but, as is life, sometimes certain members can't make it. If you would like we can bring just a few of us...for a smaller show.
Where are you located?
We are located in an around the city of York, PA. We usually keep our events close(r) to home but we are not at all beyond traveling (something we can discuss).
How can I contact you?
The best way to get in touch with us is through our business email: ThePogoSpot@Gmail.comPlease send all related things there. We are very prompt about answering messages.
The Pogo Spot. Officially online since 2/22/04.